The “For Sale” price is not a property’s real value.

Understand what a property will potentially buy or sell for in todays market using our innovative online property valuation service.


the property valuation

Take control of your property transaction by having the most important information about a property when deciding on a sale.

Receive a detailed, data-driven, high value, analytics report on the comparable sales market value of a property in South Africa without needing an agent to visit your property

This information contained within our property valuation report is critical when buying or selling property.

What's inside?

See specifics on the property like it’s full address, full legal address at the deeds office, the ERF number, and more.

See details on the current owner of the property.

No personally identifying information like contact number or ID number will be available.

Find basic information on the bond currently in place on the property (if applicable).

No personally identifying information like bond reference number will be provided.

Clearly identify the property through a detailed overhead image of the property. Better understand the overall layout of the property.

We provide a valuation based on comparable sales of legally similar properties in the area, along with the low and high price range for the area. PLUS, a predictive analytics valuation of what your property is likely to sell for in future.

Understand details of the municipal valuation the local municipality uses to determine the rates payable for the property.

See the transfer history of the nominated property recorded at the deeds office for the last 3 sales transactions of the property.

Find details of other sales that have occurred on the same street/road as the nominated property.

Receive suburb trend details that include the median property price for the area over time, and transfers recorded at the deed office per year. Understand the desire of others to buy in the area.

Get a clear understanding of the ages groups of persons buying and selling the in the area.

See amenities around the nominated property to get a clear understanding of services and conveniences nearby your nominated property.


does this work?

Our property valuation service is fully contactless! Meaning that you can get a value estimate of a property from the comfort of your own couch.

Request a property valuation

Use the form below, or chat bubble on this page to request a property market value estimate. We will need the exact street address to get started.

We compile a beautiful digital report

Using the address information you provide, we locate the property and begin compiling your report. This service is “contactless“, so you can get valued from the comfort of your couch.

Receive the report in your email inbox

Once payment has been received, we ensure that you get your report directly in your email mailbox.

That’s it, no other charges or requirements.

How is this


Get answers to the questions you’re asking. You cannot make an informed decision without knowing what you’re dealing with.

What is the value of a property?

Understand a property's value and what it could sell for in the current market using this property valuation report.

What have other properties in the suburb sold for?

Understand what other properties in the area have sold for using this property valuation report.

What should my For-Sale price be?

Selling your own property? Get an idea of what to put your property on the market for using this property valuation report.

Has my property gained or lost value since buying?

Markets can change! The area can shoot up in value or a pandemic can strike. Know if your property is losing or gaining value using this property valuation report.

Who is buying or selling in the area?

Better understand the trends and demographics of the suburb and the transactions occurring using this property valuation report.

Does a property have any amenities nearby?

Is the property convenient? Are there amenities like shops and schools nearby that makes living in the property a little better and more convenient? Know this and more using this property valuation report

Know the answers to these questions and MUCH more.



Choose one of these amazing desktop property valuations options to get started.

Detailed Report

Take control of the sale
R 149 per report (incl)
  • Finer Property Details
  • Advanced Market Value Estimate
  • Comparable Sales
  • Property Transfer History
  • Street Transfer History
  • Municipal Rates Valuation
  • Suburb Trends
  • Demographics
  • Nearby Amenities

Basic Report

Know the basics
R 49 per report (incl)
  • Finer Property Details
  • Simple Market Value Estimate
  • Comparable Sales
  • Property Transfer History
  • Street Transfer History
  • Municipal Rates Valuation
  • Suburb Trends
  • Demographics
  • Nearby Amenities

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I'm happy with the service, efficient. I got a response within 24hrs. Thank you so much for the efficiency!
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Delivered on the promise, on time and excellent service.
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I am trying to get into property investment, A Happy Space delivers all the information i need to make informed and accurate decisions. Highly recommended and will be my go-to source. My second valuation report as of this review.


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